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Top Tier Patent Attorney in Plano, TX

When it comes to your patent rights, the last thing you want is for another company or person to have any claim over your original content or creation. That’s why hiring a patent attorney in Plano, TX, is your best bet on ensuring your ideas are protected to prevent or engage in legal action.

My career path didn’t begin in the legal system; I studied Electrical Engineering at Penn State University, followed by acquiring my Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering at Drexel University. I began my professional career as a software engineer before I enrolled in law school. Now, as a Patent Attorney, I can help my clients take the necessary steps to patent their inventions with my knowledge of patent law.

Information is incredibly easy to acquire over the internet; you can rely on me to ensure your ideas and inventions are always protected. Exercise your rights to claim what’s rightfully yours with a patent attorney today, and contact me.

Education and Work Experience

  • Juris Doctorate Degree, Rutgers School of Law, Camden, New Jersey
  • Masters of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
  • Examiner and Patent Attorney, U.S. PATENT & TRADEMARK OFFICE, Art Unit 235, Video Processing, Washington, DC
  • Associate Patent Attorney, CURTIS, MORRIS & SAFFORD, P.C. New York, New York
  • Associate Patent Attorney, FLEIT, JACOBSON, COHN & PRICE, Washington, DC
  • Associate Patent Attorney, STEVENS, DAVIS, MILLER & MOSHER, Alexandria, Virginia
  • Associate Patent Attorney, ANTONELLI, TERRY, STOUT & KRAUS, Washington, DC
  • Senior Counsel Patent Attorney, TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Inc., Dallas, Texas
  • Patent Attorney, Law Office of Wilson Daniel Swayze Jr., Plano, Texas