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Experienced Patent Licensing Attorney in Plano, TX

Ensure that your new invention or intellectual property is protected by seeking the services of a skilled patent licensing attorney in Plano, TX. As an experienced patent attorney at the Law Office of Wilson Daniel Swayze Jr., I offer a number of services to assist with the patent application process. With more than 30 years of experience in the field, I bring a wealth of technical knowledge and expertise to the patent process, which allows me to ensure your application is accurate. Contact my office to learn more about the services I have to offer or to discuss your invention or other intellectual property.

Simplifying the Patent Process

Applying for a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office is a long and labor-intensive process. However, by taking advantage of my patent licensing services, I am to make the process as straightforward and simple as possible. I have helped countless clients accurately complete their patent applications, ensuring that they have the documentation and paperwork they need. Some examples of patents I have worked on include:

Patent #1 Handheld Drive Device

Patent #2 Sprinkler

Patent #3 Computer Security Device

Patent #4 3D video-Doppler-radar (VIDAR) imaging system

Patent #5 Apparatus and Method for Adding an Associative Query Capability to a Programming Language

Patent #6 Method and System for Production Planning