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Fixed Fee Schedule
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Non-Provisional Patent Application Fees including Formal Drawings

  • Mechanical Invention - $3600
  • Electrical Invention - $3600
  • Software Invention - $3600
  • Response to Office Action - $850
  • Provisional Application - $300
  • Patentability Search - $500
  • Trademark Application - $300

Obtaining a broad enforceable patent from an experienced patent attorney/lawyer is more than obtaining the lowest price for your patent application, because your patent application, once filed, cannot be changed. Some law firms employ inexperienced patent attorneys to prepare your patent application while other law firms employ associates who are not U.S. patent attorneys (such as from India) to reduce expenses. The United States patent laws are complex and require an experienced U.S. patent attorney in order to avoid mistakes which could be fatal to your patent application. Nearly 1000 patents have been issued under my guidance in the 24 years that I have been preparing patent applications. Let my patent experience assist you in obtaining the broadest patent protection possible. The free consultation may be in person, over the telephone, or using Skype.