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The Help You Need with Patent Services in Plano, TX

Through long hours and hard work, you have invented a product or process that is truly unique. This is something you want to get to market, for you know it would be popular and useful. Move forward with confidence that your intellectual property or invention receives the necessary protection with patent services in Plano, TX.

For this, seek an attorney with more than 30 years of experience in the field. Turn to me, the patent attorney at The Law Office of Wilson Daniel Swayze Jr. It is my job to assist you in filing your patent application.

In addition to my experience, I also bring a wealth of technical knowledge to the process, which allows me to ensure the information in your application is accurate. This helps to prevent challenges against your patent and further protects your invention from theft.

Making the Process Faster and Easier

Applying for a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office is a long, labor-intensive process. It is one that requires plenty of paperwork and documentation. It takes much less time and effort when you seek my help.

Here are some examples of the patents I have worked on over the years:

Contact my practice to find out about the legal assistance I offer clients seeking patents. I proudly serve clients in Plano, TX, and surrounding areas.